Shouldn’t have to sit in a state of confusion for the majority of the episode man

The last series of Sherlock was so fucking shit I’m sorry

atrailofstardust: Hi! :)

I wake up every evening,
Under the covers I make a tent,
Oh I beg you,
These girls fall like dominos,
A heart of stone, a smoking gun


(Send me a “hi”, I’ll put my iPod on shuffle and write down the first line of the first 5 songs in a poem)


Having to google internet slang your friend is using because you have no idea what the fuck it means.



Send me a ‘hi’ and I will put my playlist on shuffle, write down the first line of five songs and give it to you as a poem.


"Well it’s an opinion so it can’t be wrong.”

Okay we are not 5 anymore, opinions can be wrong, your parents lied to you, your teachers lied to you. Not every comment you have will be valid, not everything you say needs to be heard. 

And opinions can be and have been wrong. 

But if you wanna hold that idea then it’s my OPINION that you’re a loser my opinion is right and valid, ur a loser now. Suck it loser. 



the goal is to love myself so much it offends other people